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Allen Alapa’i – Kumu (teacher) of Ho’oponopono LomiLomiSM

Aloha Kakou (Aloha to everyone).  My name is Allen Kealaelia Alapa'i.  I am the Ambassador of my family.  I represent my Na Makua (my mom and dad), my Na Kupuna (grandmother and grandfather), and my Kaikua'ana and Kaikua'hine (brothers and sisters.) I have been very thankful to the many Na Kumu (teachers), and Na Kupuna who shared their knowledge with me and helped guide me on this Lifes journey. These are my teachers and my guides of Aloha.  Aloha is the Hawaiian way to remind each other to be thankful everyday for the breath of life. This knowledge was never shared outside of my family. It was only kept in my ohana (family) until now…in my generation to share with everyone, that "Aloha Can Heal the World". I was very blessed at a young age to be guided by my Kupuna Wahine (grandmother) who gave me the knowledge to carry on and represent my genealogy.



The “MANA”
“MANA” is the spiritual life force, power, that guides us in this ancient Hawaiian healing work. It is the power, the energy we will receive, when using the proper protocols of PULE (prayers) and OLI (chants). This is the direct connection to all of the AKUAS (gods), to the KUPUNA (ancestors) and the higher forces that helps us every moment in this sacred healing service to others.

“ALOHA” is the Hawaiians way we greet each other. But it has a deeper meaning than just a greeting to each other. ALOHA means the “Breath of Life”. So when we say ALOHA to each other we are really saying that “I am happy to see you…full with the Breath of Life” meaning that you are still alive and well. My teacher (my grandmother) also taught us that ALOHA means unconditional LOVE. This is the energy (MANA) and the right attitude we need to heal people. As a young boy growing up my grandmother told me …”that one day the world will be coming to Hawaii… in search of LOVE and the ALOHA…HO’O MA’KAUKAU (to be ready)”, because this will happen in my generation. This is why I am here…to share the ALOHA unconditionally.



“E ALA E” (to wake up)
I am here to represent my Hawaiian genealogy, my grandmother, my ancestors and the elders of Hawaii that guides me. I was given this mission to come, to share and teach the real “Hawaiian Way”…the proper way! As a native Hawaiian…it is my KULEANA (responsibility) to stand up for my Hawaiian culture that is being misunderstood here by many people who are using the Hawaiian culture improperly! I am so ready to share my family’s HUNA (secrets) and knowledge to all who will listen with their hearts… andnotwith their minds.




Antoinette Kahili Alapa’i – Kumu (teacher) of the Hawaiian Cultural Arts

My name is Kahililaulani Kaeo Alapa'i, named after my grandmother. I am an Kanaka Maoli (native hawaiian). I grew up on the West shores of Oahu, farming, fishing and gathering the herbs la'au lapa'au for healing. My mother Jean Kawehionapua Kaeo was an hawaiian Kupuna teaching mele (music), hula (dance), ho'oponopono, and aids in spiritual and physical ailments. She has helped many and all remembers her for her laughter. Growing up with mom, this was a way of life and it became mine. I continue to carry on her knowledge and teachings with my own ohana (family) and others alike around the world and most of all in my homeland Hawai'i

The “HULA”
Traditional Hawaiian Dance carried on through lineage – is expressed with Love (ALOHA), poise, strength and dignity of our culture. Both, ancient and modern. Honouring the ancestors, land, water and everything with spiritual connection.



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