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Workshop of OHANA

Allen Alapa’i: “I am in search of a HUI OHANA (group of family healers) that will be part of my team. HANAI is the Hawaiian word which means “to adopt, to bring into a family”. This is the protocol I will use. We will do a ritual that the HAUMANA (students) will actually represent my lineage, my grandmother, my ancestors. They will be really family.”


The workshop teaches the basis knowledge of Ho’oponopono LomiLomiSM according to Kumu Alapai’s family tradition. But we will learn far more than a massage technique. We will connect with the spirit of Hawai‘i and the a AKUAS (gods) and KUPUNAS (ancestors) of the land. We will immerse into the cultural arts and traditions of Hawai‘i and learn ancient and secret knowledge (HUNA) like PULE (prayer), MELE (songs), OLI (chants, protocoll), cleansing rituals and HULA (dance). We will learn to work with people in connection to AKUA and the higher forces: with respect and compassion, honouring ourselves and the ones coming to us. The workshop will be held in the true Spirit of ALOHA.

The workshop consists out of three modules (Level A – C). Participants will receive a confirmation for each module. Participation in workshop Level A will gain knowledge for giving a two hour full body Ho’oponopono LomiLomiSM (back only). We recommand to to take part in all three modules. Participants of all three moduls will receive a certificate.

Kumu Alapa'i offers training for Ho'oponopono LomiLomiSM practitioners.


Ho'oponopono Lomilomi Intensive Course on Kaua'i

In this intensive we will learn about the spiritual, mental and physical aspect of Ho'oponopono Lomilomi. Beginner and intermediate level:

*  Setting your mind with "Aloha"intention and
    "Ho'oponopono" steps
*  Protocol: asking for guidance and assistance with cleansing
    protocols (we don't do this on our own)
*  Learning and understanding the emotional effects that
    manifest in the body
*  Understanding Your tools and techniques
*  Learn full body 4hour Lomi routine and it's benefits
*  Experience "Ohana" (family), Hawaiian Culture activities,
    and field trip.

“You will learn that our family style of Ho’oponopono Lomilomi is more then just technique, routine, and body work. But it is tapping into the power of “Aloha”, Ancestral guidance/intuition, and a Lifestyle.”  

   - Kumu Kāhealani Alapa’i -

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Dates in 2019:

Level A (Basic)

if you are interested in taking the class please contact us.

Level B (Advanced),
with Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa'i and Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa'i

(prerequisite: participation in Level A)

Seminarhouse in 71540 Murrhardt (ca. 50 km north-east of Stuttgart)

Fri 29. March - Thur 4. April 2019

Registration deadline: please register until 31. January 2019

Time Schedule:

First day: Start at 17:00
Last day: End at 14:00

Daily class 09:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 19:00

Ho'oponopono LomiLomi Intensive Course (full body)
with Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa'i and Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa'i

Date:10 day
course - May 17 - May 27, 2019

Moloa'a, Kauai

Beach Camping & 3 healthy meals farm to table

Workshop will be held in English (no translation)


Please contact Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa'i for registration and details

Email: kahea5656 (at)

Workshop dates are subject of change. Please call or email to confirm dates

Workshop in Germany will be held in English with German translation


Level C (Graduation)
(prerequisite: participation in Level A and Level B)
will take place approx. mid-August on Kauai'i.

date: coming soon (2020)

Workshopflyer : not yet available

For registration and detailed information please contact MANALEO in Germany:

These contact details are for workshop information in
EUROPE only:

Mobilphone: +49 (0)178 285 2892 (GERMANY) and
Email for workshop requests in Germany/Europe:

workshop (at)

For workshops held by na Kumu in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA please refer to

Antoinette Alapa'i
Phone: + 1 808 826 6604




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